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August 3, 2004


Thursday, September 9th, all paid signups will be worth $80. If you donít have any paid signups, weíll still be paying the normal rate for activated emails (qualified guests), so you canít lose!

Every paid signup is $80. The stats will be updated on Friday September 10.

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Hard to convert traffic lately? Do all your affiliate sites look the same? Then itís time to offer your users something new and unique from AdultActionCash, and watch your conversions head through the roof!

Our interactive live video feature is the best in the industry and your surfers will notice the difference. And our free guest joins are REALLY free- that means you are paid for each guest that completes a simple profile without any credit card or check payment!

Through our years of industry experience, we know what it take to be successful. We offer an easy-to-use statistics program, great promotional tools, and customer service reps who are always available to assist you, 24/7.

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