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AAC Programs
Why do our programs payout so well?

Our innovative suite of adult personals sites convert extremely well. That conversion rate allows us to teamup with webmasters on high payout relationships. The core of our success is real members meeting one another in our groundbreaking live videochat, DirectChat®.

DirectChat® allows members to broadcast and view high-quality, live video streams without having to download any proprietary .exe's or applets. This means that the amatuer videochat rooms get very sexy, very quickly. Members can chat in group rooms, viewing up to three separate streams at once, or they can watch and explore with their partners in private rooms.

Take advantage of this high-conversion environment by getting paid out on raw signups or qualified registered guests. You can even sample both programs by creating two campaigns in your members area.

Best of Luck from the AAC team!

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Program 01
$40.00 per signup

Earn $40.00 for every guest that signs up for a premium membership. Becoming a premium member is alluring, quick, and painless for guests.

Program 02
$5.25 per qualified registered guest

Earn up to *$5.25 for each qualified free guest. No credit card or checking account are required, just a simple profile and a valid email and you get paid! This is our most popular program, but you can try any program and see which works best for you and your traffic.

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Program 03
50% Revenue Share

Earn 50% on recurring.

Bonus Program!
Earn a percentage from referred affiliates (automatically included!)

This additional payout is available to all active webmasters. Simply use your referral code when turning other webmasters on to our program. You get paid an additional percentage on what your buddy earns! The tiered code and payouts stats are available in your members area.

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