Frequently Asked Questions
Does it cost anything to become a partner?

No. It costs absolutely nothing to become a partner. In fact you can start making money almost right away, because it takes just a few minutes to sign up, and only a bit longer to put our banner or descriptive text link onto your web page.

Does my site qualify for your affiliate program?

Please see our Terms and Conditions concerning scope of illegal activity under Section 3.

How much do I get paid?

We pay you $40 for every paying member you send, or up to $5.25 for every free registrant who activates their email address. It's your choice.

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Do I get paid for referrals?

Yes, payout is 5% commission on downline sales. Just login and click "referral view" for linking codes and statistics.

How will I get paid? can payout via check, wire, direct deposit, or ePassporte.

What is a "qualified guest / free guest?"

A qualified guest/free guest is a free registrant on the site, from the U.S., who has activated their account link.

Can I use the same Affiliate ID on different web pages or websites?

Yes, you can use a single affiliate link on as many sites and pages as you like. Actually, we don't mind if you put your partner link just about anywhere possible.

Where do I go to get your banners?

You need to login to the webmaster member area using your username and password (which will be emailed to you after you've signed up). Once you have done so, click on "Get Banners" which links to our banners page.

How do I view my webmaster reports?

You need to login to the affiliate member area using your username and password. Once there click on the "View Reports" tab to go to the reports page to view your stats.

How does track visitors from my site?

When you signup for a campaign you'll be given a unique Campaign ID, which is the number that comes at the end of your affiliate link. We use this ID number to tell us where a referral has come from in order to credit that account accordingly.

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