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AdultActionCash is the affiliate program for, the premier adult video dating and community site. AdultActionCam is the best converting adult-personals site on the web. Not only do we offer the same features as other adult centric sites, we go a step further with live video and webcam chat. As an added bonus for webmasters, we pay more for joins and we even pay out on free guest registations with no check or credit card needed.

Send your quality adult traffic to either Judy Star XXX or our premier gay product, Watch your conversions head through the roof!

Our adult-personals sites feature the award winning DirectChat® video application. It is the best in the industry and your surfers will notice the outstanding quality.

Our free guest joins are REALLY free- that means you are paid for each guest that completes a simple profile without any credit card or check payment!

Through our years of industry experience, we know what it take to be successful. We offer an easy-to-use statistics program, great promotional tools, and customer service reps who are always available to assist you, 24/7.

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Program News
January, 31 2005
Starting on January 31st we will be introducing exits to our program. As a
Webmaster it's an extra chance to close the deal on a signup to AAC and
even a chance to maximize the profitability of your traffic by putting your
own sponsor exit up. That's right! AAC wants to help you convert your
traffic and maximize your profits.

On the 31st, links to will launch a 3 pop-up exit chain
unless you edit your config in the Webmaster area and specify that you do not
want them. However, if you would like to take advantage of the new exit
system, you as a valued affiliate will reap the rewards
of the 1st and 3rd pop-up in the 3 exit chain.

The first popup up is a dynamic profile page. When a user closes the
Browser they will be shown a window with 6 of the last profiles they looked
at while they were surfing If they didn't view any
profiles then it will display 6 of the hottest profiles in the geo-targetted
area.  Any joins or registrations off of the exit are credited 100% to the
Webmaster sending that traffic.

The 3rd exit console is the Webmaster's choice! That's right! We are
allowing our Webmasters to give us a link and AAC will advertise
any product or program of their choice. The only exclusions being, illegal
material, or other dating sites. We've set this up as a simple process
which can be changed by you at any time.

For more information on our new exit program log into
or contact your AAC rep.

We hope you'll love our new exit program.


Coming soon GEO-IP targeted ads that you can host on your own servers
to replace static banners and profiles!  We will send another
announcement when this is live and ready - but it is coming very soon!

October 1, 2004
Welcome to the new, improved Adult Action Cash!

First and foremost: all of your existing linking codes still work. You can choose to continue with the old program, but most of you will like our new features. Also, we will continue building out the program with free hosted galleries, much like versions of the 'hottlist' many of you have used.


1. Choice of payment:

· Flat signup ('Signup')
· Per activated US email ('Qualified Guest')
· 50% recurring revenue share ('Rev Share') NEW!


2. Tracking

Uniques are now tracked on a per-IP basis instead of a per-Session basis. As a result, 'hit.php' will no longer be issued in new tracking links. (All previously issued links are still being tracked)

Statistics are no longer reported real-time. Uniques are batched every 5 minutes and signups every 30 minutes.


3. Stats updating:

Most of you have been affected in one way or another with our 'paid-to-qualified guest' ratio in the past. Here's how it now works:

We pay out for qualified guest conversions up to 1:42. (previously 1:35)

Payouts are determined monthly.

Below are the payout ratios. Paid signups : Qualified guests = Payout per qualified guest.

If your conversion rate of signups-to-qualified guests falls below 1:42, your campaign will be set to 'per-signup' payout.

The average conversion rate over time is 1:15, and pays out $2.80 per qualified guest.

These ratios are calculated for the 1st-15th, and the 16th-last day of the month. For each period, the reported amount will be based on the previous period’s ratio.


We encourage feedback, feel free to contact us with your comments.